Window Cleaning Procedure

Window Cleaning Procedure

The Squeegee Method of window cleaning is the most effective way to remove dirt, grease and other soils from the glass.  Window cleaning should not be done in direct sunlight, as the sunlight will evaporate the water from the solution and cause streaking.

  • Pick a location that is out of the direct sunlight and make sure you have all supplies needed
  • Add one ounce of Needels Supply Sparkle Dry to Five (5) gallons of warm water using a one ounce pump. If outside temperature is at or below freezing, add window alcohol to window cleaning solution to prevent freezing. 
  • If window is under 10 feet high you can use a 5’ tapered handle with both the window scrubber and a brass pull-thru window squeegee. If the window is higher than 10 feet you will want to use a telescopic pole of either 12’ or 18’ depending on your situation.  Use pole at approximately waist/belt high.
  • Submerge window scrubber into cleaning solution and proceed to scrub the window making sure to cover entire window, no dry areas. DO NOT wet too large of an area of glass as the solution will dry before you have time to remove it with the squeegee.
  • Using the squeegee, start in a corner at the top of the window and pull the squeegee down along the glass to remove the cleaning solution.
  • After you have completed one down stroke pull the squeegee from the glass and tip it towards the part of the glass that is still wet. This will help prevent streaking.  Perform this step after every down stroke.  NOTE: Overlap each down stroke by 2 inches and wipe off the blade with the microfiber chamois.
  • Continue to follow steps 4-6 until the window you are cleaning has been completed.
  • Using a cellulose sponge to wipe along the sill of the window to clean it, as well as remove excess water.
  • Using a microfiber chamois draped over the squeegee, wipe off excess water at the top of the window, frame and the glass being cleaned.
  • Repeat steps 4-9 until all window have been cleaned.

Enjoy streak free sparkling clean windows!



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